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10 Questions To Ask A Roofer Before Hiring

After ignoring it for as long as safely possible, the time has finally come for your roof to be repaired or replaced. You’ve successfully received quotes from multiple companies, but how do narrow done your options to pick the right one? Deciding which company to hire is an important decision that should not be made hastily. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to ask a roofer these 10 questions.

1. Are They Licensed & Do They Have Insurance?

The most important question to ask a potential roofer is if they are licensed and insured to work on a roof. If they are not, you are liable for any accidents that may occur to the crew. Every province is different, so be sure to look up the necessary requirements for your area. A quick online search will reveal if they need additional licensing. Be sure to ask about workman’s compensation and general liability insurance as well. If the company refuses to show proof or does not have the necessary licensing, find another company.

2. Do They Use Subcontractors?

Sometimes the company you hire is not the company that does the work. This can be an issue for a number of reasons, especially should anything go wrong with your job. Be sure to ask if the company you are hiring is the company performing the job. If the company does intend to use a subcontractor, be sure to find out their name and if the original company’s insurance covers them. Do not use a company who cannot confirm who will be doing the actual work.

3. Will They Remove The Old Roof?

Installing a new roof on top of an old, rotten roof is a bad idea. If the company does not pull up the old shingles, they will not be able to inspect the structure of the roof. This could lead to them missing soft spots, rotten wood and further troubles for you down the road. Be sure to ask the company if they will also remove the old roof before adding new shingles. If they say it’s unnecessary, find another company who will take the extra steps needed to do the job right.

4. Will They Install Drip Edge/Edge Metal?

Companies who are trying to cut corners may neglect to add a drip edge. This is a piece of metal that is installed under shingles at the edge of the roof. A drip edge helps divert water off your roof and into your gutters. Without this piece of metal, your roof and its components could all be at risk of water damage. Unsurprisingly, this can end up being an expensive fix, so be sure to ask your roofer directly if drip edge will be installed on your roof.

5. How Much Will New Plywood Cost?

This is a cost you want to know up front since it will be nearly impossible to check once the job is done. New plywood sheets will be used to fix soft or rotten decking. It’s important to know how much the roofer will charge before they start working. Failing to ask about this ahead of time could result in a much higher price than quoted. Make sure there are no surprises and ask your roofer before they begin working.


6. How Will They Protect Your Gutters?

Inexperienced or careless workers can lead to further repairs down the line, especially when it comes to your gutters. Gutters are typically made from metal or plastic and can be dented easily. Add a large ladder leaning against them for a few days and it’s likely they will be damaged. Ask the potential company what precautions they have in place so that damage is not done to your gutters. If the company doesn’t have a plan or cannot answer this question, find a company who can.

7. How Will They Leave The Jobsite?

Your house may be their jobsite, but it’s still your home. This is why it’s important to know what state they will leave your home in at the end of each working day. Will materials get left behind or will they ensure they pick up after themselves? Will parts of your roof be left open to the elements or will they put a tarp up? It is these types of specific questions that many homeowners do not think about until it’s too late. Be sure to ask your roofer ahead of time and if you don’t like their answer, look for another company.

8. Will Someone Be Onsite If I Have Questions?

Inevitably you will have questions during your roofing job. It’s important to know who you can speak to and if they will be onsite daily. Find out who the project manager will be and be sure to have their contact information ahead of time. If the company says there will be no one in charge or that they will not be there, that’s a red flag. Someone needs to be in charge and you need to know who that someone is.

9. What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

In order for your roofing job to be completed safely and on time it’s essential to have good weather. If the weather unexpectedly becomes bad, there needs to be a backup plan in place. Ask your roofer what happens if the weather suddenly changes while the crew is working. How will they secure the work that has already been done? How will they protect your home from the weather? While you can plan for most things, the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure your company knows what to do in those situations.

10. What Is The Warranty On The New Roof?

Your new roof should always come with a warranty, if the company will not provide one, do not hire them. Typically the warranty has to do with the shingles. The better quality shingles used, the longer the warranty should be. A typical new roof should have a warranty of 25 years. If your company suggests anything less than that, find a different company to work with.

Now that you know what questions to ask a potential roofer, your next step is to get in contact with companies (if you haven’t already). HomeStars makes it easy to quickly connect with top-rated roofers in your area. Simply head to and submit a quote request for your roofing project. Between these questions and being matched with only the best, you’re sure to hire the right roofing company for your job.

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