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5 Roof Projects from Real HomeStars Users

Updated: May 15, 2020

written by Karen Rhamey on July 12, 2019

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that your roof has been looking worse for wear. The good news is that summer is the perfect season for roof work. Whether you decide to patch your shingles or replace your roof entirely, roof work is a big undertaking. It’s important to know exactly what to expect before you hire. Start your research by checking out these 5 HomeStars roof projects at 5 different price points.

“Frank is very pleasant, transparent and knowledgeable about his work. We felt very comfortable working with him and his team is amazing.”

Ryan in Vaughan had his roof replaced by Gamma Roofing in early June. The project supervisor, Frank, took the time to answer all of Ryan’s questions and the team worked twelve hours straight to get the job done by the end of the day.

“Jordan and his crew were fast, professional and a great job was done. Clean up was great and they managed to have our roof done in one day.”

City Boss Roofing replaced the roof of this Calgary, Alberta home. With multiple peaks at different levels, this project was a large undertaking. Despite the roof’s complexity, the team wrapped it up in one day and left the property spotless. If you’re looking for a skilled roofer in the Calgary area, head to City Boss Roofing’s profile on HomeStars to read more reviews and get quotes.

“There was an excitement of what he saw for our house, he truly appeared to want it to look good. Our house was going to look the best on the block.”

Marni and Cameron in Edmonton, Alberta, had their roof replaced by Matt’s Roofing. Matt recommended Windsor-style grey asphalt shingles, and the results speak for themselves! Not only was their quote in line with the others they received, but Matt’s professionalism is what set his business apart from the others. If you roof has seen better days, have it re-done with the help of a pro.

“Very professional company to deal with. Completed work in record time. Wonderful and friendly installers.”

Monarchy Roofing added a metal roof to Tony’s home in Mississauga, Ontario. Metal roofs usually cost more to install than alternatives like asphalt, but they are longer-lasting, fire and insect resistant and will save you money on your monthly energy bills. If you’re interested in a metal roof, find a specialty installer on HomeStars.

“The foreman, JC, and the crew were very courteous and professional. The work site was kept tidy and cleaned up daily. The job was completed on time and we would recommend this company.”

Adanac Roofing replaced the roof and gutters on two of three units of this beautiful triplex in Vancouver, British Columbia. This was a huge project, but the team managed to complete it on time. The owner was so impressed with their service that he plans on having them back to finish the final third of their property. If you’re located in the Vancouver area and have a large roofing project, head to their profile on HomeStars to get in touch with Adanac Roofing.

Now that you’ve had a look at some of your options, it’s time to get your project underway with the help of a top-rated HomeStars pro. Don’t forget to get quotes from multiple companies and to ask pros these ten questions before hiring. With the right company, re-doing your roof will be a quick and painless project, so get started today!

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We often forget to clean the gutters after having the roof repair or roof inspection and it may leads to clogging in the gutters. So, take that thing on a serious note and clean the gutters regularly.

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