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1. Inspect Existing Roof

This is the beginning of a roofing job, our roofing specialist will inspect your roof thoroughly, then come out with a professional proposal with an estimate.

2.Present Estimate and Answer Questions

With the estimate presented, our specialist will explain the job plan and options provided. At this point you may have some concerns regarding the job, our specialist is more than happy to help you out.

3.Prepare Material and Schedule for The Job

After the job is decided, we will order the material needed and schedule for the job. When it comes to the date scheduled for your roof, one crew of Gamma Roofing will come to you.

Property Protection.jpg

4.PROTECT Property

Before the start of the site work, property protection is always required, including fragile plants, windows and a swimming pool, our crews will try the best to protect your property.

Remove Existing Roof.jpg

5. Remove the existing roof

All the existing shingles need to be removed, also including roof vents, plumping flashings, valleys, water barriers and so on, which is important when re-roof a house, otherwise the lifetime of a roof will be reduced due to such weak points. 


6.Install New Roof

New roof installations include 3 foot of water barrier on the perimeter of the roof, 29 gauge aluminum flashing on open valleys, ice and water shields where required, replacement of all rubber flanges, replacement of all roof vents, and professional installation of new shingles. We carefully inspect our work during each phase of the installation to ensure everything is done correctly.

Clean Garbage.png

7.Clean Up Roof and Surrounding

Once your new roof is installed, our team will thoroughly clean all work areas, including your properties exterior. Our clean up includes cleaning eaves troughs, removing nails from surrounding areas, disposal of old shingles and materials, sweeping areas with debris. Once the clean up is complete – it will look like we were never there!


8.Inspect the New Roof to meet your satisfaction

Now you must want to take a look at your new roof, our specialist will walk you through the job, and answer your questions to make sure you are happy with the job happen today.

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